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Tank Stocking Inspiration


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Well, it's about time to figure out the fish stocking plan for my new setup.  Problem is, I'm at a bit of a loss as I'm not used to stocking a full on display tank.  Trying to have this planned out in advance as I would rather not have to go spear fishing to remove a badly introduced fish...


Foxface, Pygmy Angels are a NOGO...


Tank Specs: Mixed Reef, Bare Bottom, 300 Gal, 96x48x16 Shallow Reef, screen top for jumpers, 2 dozen seperate coral heads for aquascaping so plenty of open swimming room.


This is what I'm thinking so far:




-Clown Harem (Nice mix of 6-12 platinums, buckshot, etc)

-My Big Fat Hippo Tang

-What else??


Working Fish:


-Wrasses: Mystery Wrasse, Yellow Coris

-Dragonets: Mandrins/Ruby Red (I've always had a few perusing the rockwork)

-Convict Tangs

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Tamarin wrasse harem, interesting idea. Will have to research that one.


Yeah, no jawfish/gobies. It's Barebottom. I do really like them, Randy's was pretty entertaining when I saw it.

There's a diver in Hawaii selling them for $25 each.



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