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You gonna glue and frame it?

Unfortunately not. The wife already tore it apart. Time for the next one!

That's awesome!! I want a cool fish puzzle!



*PNWMAS Secretary*

Thanks! It's a Christmas present from the in-laws.

Hah! The led light is making me lough out loud! The puzzle thing is helping me understand what the heck couples can do for fun...struggling with that a bit being single for so long.

Yeah, I hear ya. Most of the time, finding things to do doesn't come easy so you gotta work at it. I'm no marriage veteran, but I do know that couples have to discover ways to build their relationship together. Supporting each other's hobbies and passions is one thing, but we have to make sure not to neglect supporting the mutual growth of the actual relationship. I know I always have to remind myself of that. It takes work to make it work, but it is so worth it!! I wish you the best on your own relationship and searching out what fits with you two!
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