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2 year Anniversary Sale! December 13-14th!

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2 year anniversary sale! This Saturday and Sunday. The sale will go through out the weekend.

On Sunday we will be celebrating with a large raffle with every person who made a purhcase being entered.

We will have Pizza from Mississippi Pizza and beverages on Sunday!

Specials will include:

BOGO sps frags - Haven't done one for a while and the racks are packed and looking good. Frags start at $10(for two really nice pieces)

$29 Derasa and gold Maximas clams - tons in stock

$39 Blue Maxima clams - tons in stock

$29 Rainbow acan frags - Really nice. Most have 5-6 heads

$5 lawnmower Blennys

$20 Midas Blennys

$5 zoa frags

15% off all fish






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Thanks to everybody who came in today! We hope to see everybody for our big day tomorrow. Still have all specials in stock.

We will be doing a raffle every hour of the day tomorrow. Must be present to win. Prizes will include, gift cards, LRS food packages, coral packs, and fish.

Mississipi Pizza and Beverages will be served through out the day!

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Why no, thank you Jeff. I sat and looked at my tank for almost an hour this morning thinking how lucky I was to get all this great stock from you. I think an anniversary sale that gives back to the community is one of the great things about this hobby. Thank you for doing it!




Just part of my loot; all happy on the frag rack. Gonna need a new rack for these guys, I'm packed!

(sorry about the phone pic)

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