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Advance in LED technology


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For when I win the lottery and need something to light my swimming pool sized salt water pond' date='these should do the trick, just don't look directly into the optics.[/quote']



You know if you put all your tanks next to each other, you could use one or three now ;)

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Might have to make some sort of canopy or wear sunglasses, I wonder how the fish feel about such intense lights? I suppose if they are dimmable they could be another option at some point. I have also been thinking about LED out door lighting for some time, on the streets,in the home,in the car, and on the porch. Just a matter of time.

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Actually US led manufacture such as cree and dycon has far better product out in a while now.

Philips also among the leading manufactures for high output led.

Unfortunately this type led designed for utilities and architectures in general so this has little use on reef aquarium application.

Our corals will have better sun tan with this led for sure...lol...you know the color of sun tan...


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