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8 SPS FRAGS FOR $50!!!


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I'm getting ready to upgrade my display tank so it's time to clean out the frag tank to hold all my livestock while I do the upgrade. My prop system will also be going up for sale in a couple months.


All frags are heathy and based out and all over 1.5" most are bigger. I'll add some pictures later on once the light come on, I have about 8-9 of each of the corals listed below some are bigger than others, some have multiple branches etc. First come will get first pick of each individual frag for their pack. I have a few other pieces and will make substitutions for the first to pick up their pack.


The 8 corals are:


Bill's super blue acro

ORA Green Birdsnest

Purple Stylo

Tri Color

Pink Birdsnest

Purple Digi

Neon Polyp mini stag

Blue tipped Acro

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I'm in Milwaukie, just off 99e.


Most of the frags are a little light on color but everyone who's picked up pieces have been more than happy with what they left with.


There a few other pieces I haven't listed that can be substituted as well. I'll be leaving for the coast tomorrow and be back Sunday evening. I'll be available tonight or Sunday enening and days next week.

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WOW Man thanks so much! I am not even sure if I should be posting the deal you just gave me. They do look better under my LED's though ;). Seriously though thanks a ton. I really appreciate the hook up. Nice chatting with you too, and meeting the lil Dude, your wife, and Mark.


Good deal from a great guy. Much obliged.

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I couldn't agree more. Lots to choose from and a super deal. Could have easily spent a lot more, but was limited by the space available in my small JBJ. Seeing the beautiful cube display was a treat as well. Thanks Chris for the great deal and nice corals. Can't wait to see them grow. Good luck with your continued sales.

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For those who just need pictures here's a photo of what's left to go! For a limited time throw in another $10 and I'll toss in a premium frag (of my choice) of Forrest Fire digi, Westside Rainbow Tort, PacWest LSD and some fancy Mille's and other higher $$$ stuff!


PICK ANY 8 ON THE LEFT FRAG RACK! Frags and colonies on the right side of the rack are for sale as well but not included in the pick your favorite 8 sale.



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