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125g Peninsula tank Complete set up FS, W/ live stock


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I am moving to California and am selling my Saltwater Tank. It has been up and running for 7 + years. This tank is beautiful and unique as it is a peninsula tank and can be viewed from three sides. Has a stand and canopy. Snowpunk helped me originally do all the drilling and plumbing.

It is a complete set up the tank itself is 125g, 20g Sump, 20g top off tank ,Bubble King Skimmer. I have not upgraded the lighting although I did replace the bulbs a yr ago .

It has 450 watt MH, a few T5's and moon lights. Koralia Powerheads, It has a closed loop system although I haven't used it in awhile.

Live Stock

I can not begin to guess how much live rock is in there a lot and again it is beautiful and unique there is some large Arch way pieces and some table like pieces as well.

Among a lot of other great pieces.

4" live sand

Lg Blue Tang

Lg Yellow tang

2 good sized Rose Anemones and a few babies

approx 4" melanurus wrasse

Pair of Black Clown fish, I can not remember the type they are I have had them for many yrs.

8" engineer Goby Black and White striped , Looks like a eel but is not. He has finally found a happy spot in the tank and leaves the rest alone.

2 blue yellow tailed damsels

lg lavender serpent starfish, also been in there for yrs

Several diff kinds of mushrooms

clove polyps


I know there is probably a few more things I am forgetting.

As for extra stuff there is a lot way to much to list.


I have been so busy getting ready for the move that my poor tank is pretty neglected and really needs a new home.

Would like to sell it as a whole but may ending up parting it out. . We will see.

I will try to add some pictures later tonight.

The tank is approx 6ft long

Asking 1000.00 or you can make me a reasonable offer

I am located in Hillsboro Or

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Just heads up 99% of use already have tanks I see people try and sell a complete system all the time but 99% of the time they just end up parting it out anyway. Glws


This is true... Rarely do you see someone sell a complete system unless it's dirt cheap or free.


Pictures of what you're actually selling will increase your chances ten fold too.

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