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Oh happy day!


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just got my new parts


thanks to aquaman30k and BRS and Upscales




going to be up late getting everything hooked up




New t-5 48" supplemental lighting .. thanks you Upscales


Almost new MP40.. get the second one on the 20th Thank You aquaman30k


new Reef keeper lite plus all the stuff and


ATO tunze Osmolator univeersal 3155 Big Thanks Bulk Reef Supply Didn't ask (wife) opps didn't ask have to beg forgiveness but they are in the house YEA!!!



now to set them up


any suggestions... for the reef keeper lite plus.. have a server near it and will be adjusting the setting thru it.



best advice geats a free frag of my sun set milli or a pink yuma but you have to pick it up! cut off is this friday 6pm will post top 3 and let every one judge. pick up no later thank the following fri.



set up is a 120 mircals starfire euro braced 3/4" all 4 sides with// 45g custom sump, reef dynamics INS180 skimmer, PFO Solaris LED120 3 watt leds, 2 1" sea swirls closed loop, 500w titanium heater, Precision Marine RFCA6 Reverse FlowCalcium Reactor, mp40es (second on its way) 10g refuigim, current USA 24" dual t5 night light (14k and 420 bulbs), reef flow return pump, oh and a jbj 1/4 chiller (currently out for cleaning and repairs.. and .. ect.. mostly sps thanks Big John, Noob, and others.., and lps with about 15 fish and shrimps,.




so happy and very excited.. time to get to work ato reservoir, will be 10g

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Part came from Upscales got 2 pieces just as a new load of fijii came in, part from a store no longer open in Lake oswego, rest off the internet and here and there... it has 5 major pieces with several fillers.. the largest piece is about 2 -2.5 ft long and 6 "- 8" at it widest point (almost couldn't get it in the tank). weight was like 35lbs at $9 -$ 13 a pound for show the pieces. Thanks been working on it for a while now finally getting to where I can just sit and enjoy.. My wife says could have bought a new car for what I have sunk in to it. Lol (wife) but i wouldn't enjoy it as much.

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