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At this point' date=' not including energy. I'm at about $20 a month with the occasional shopping spree of $40-$100 every couple months. What in the world are you guys buying that's so expensive other than livestock?[/quote']


LOL. Coral, every time I head to TPA I can drop $100 on corals without even blinking an eye! This last month was bad as I bought a new reeflow dart/snapper and a bubbleblaster 5000.

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WOW! it sounds like most peoples tanks are money pits :) $20-$40 monthly for me.i must agree that a trip to garrets changes this number...but i only go to garrets a few times a year.


All hobbies are money pits! I have way to much into my quad too! Its good to know that I am not the only one spending this much on my toys:-)

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For my last big personal tank, I think my "budget" If you can call it that, was around $100-$1000 per week on average(dependant heavily upon bonus season and coral shipments). There were some pretty cheap weeks in there and some pretty spendy weeks in there. I think the most I spent in one week was probably about $3000. I would say during my conservative period of reef keeping, I was down to about $150 per week average. NOW things get a bit more interesting when it comes to a shopping budget. I love how it went from how many frags I can afford, to how many colonies I can afford, to how many boxes I can afford, to how many order locations I can afford to bring in from lol. I wonder what the next logical step would be?

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