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Help to ID my zoas


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Have some zoas I would like to ID before I try to sell any. Any help appreciated, I don't have time right now to match them on other sites. Thanks.


Picture #1


Picture #2


Picture #3


Picture #4


Picture #5


Picture #6


Picture #7


Picture #8


Picture #9


Picture #10


Picture #11


Picture #12



Thought this was a cool shot


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The larger red ones that have a green mouth look like Red People Eaters to me. I can't tell the difference between Australian and Hawaiian RPEs though, for this reason I really don't suggest you sell them as such with out proper lineage. It also looks like you have some dragon eyes (green skirt red center) it is very hard to tell dragons eyes apart from watermelons though so once again I would refrain from selling them as "x". You also have what looks like Green Bay Packers however I have seen many wild colonies that look identical. I think I see a "armor of god" "everlasting gobstopper" "armegedon" not sure which of the three you have they all look the same to me... I know this isn't any help, maybe just let the pictures speak for them self????

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Pic 6' date=' bottom right, might be Purple Hornets. Probably the rarest I see.[/quote']


Looks more like the fake red hornets. I've got some in my tank somewhere on a rock too. You should have bid against me on the purple hornets when you had a chance over here...(laugh)


It's tough to sell things for the designer names unless you've got lineage like Gill mentioned above. Although they may have true lineage from others around the area and they of course all come from the wild at some point, "most" won't pay the premium unless you can get a positive chain from where they came from. I know I've spent way too much money in the past on zoas (still am btw, which I can't wait to see what you want for a few of these(whistle))


Waiting patiently for the sale thread...

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Just throw a "SM" in front of what ever name you pick (similar morph) That way people won't be mislead if you don't have the lineage for the zoa. Many people like me don't especialy care if its named, if they are nice and I don't have it I try to get it. Half my zoa's are not named.

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