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Thank you Shawn

Toby Flenderson

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Now that my sps is mostly out of the tank I'm going for a clam/zoa tank. Would love to have my livestock look half as good as Shauns.(clap)


Thanks Noob!


Had my first visit to Shaun's today as well. WOW is right' date=' that's the nicest sps cube i have see so far. Was great meeting you. Hopefully we can do some trading in the future.[/quote']


Thanks Bret - we'll do some trades for sure. I need to come over and raid you tank...

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Shaun has great taste and really knows his corals. Some of the nicest corals in my tank are from him. That Elegance is doing great!! Can't wait to see your solana!


Thanks Kim! Your welcome to come and see it yourself :)


I wished I still had that elegance, pink and green LT plate, maxima clam and gonipora. Although these would not fit in my current tank ;)

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Yes it does and i don't have that skill...(laugh)


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Aww Jesse don't beat yourself up. I lost some prize pieces when I had a solana when the temp got too hot in the summer. It is just a reminder what a delicate balance this hobby can be and the unique challenge nanos can be.


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