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Best coral color


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What sps color corals do you want the most?


I remember Tim telling me that no one wanted green corals when I pointed out the ones he had that I liked. Most people seem to want blue and purple sps. Do you think this is because they are more rare? As someone else pointed out about zoas, corals with names seem to be hot. At least those with names are easier to know what they will look like.


What made me think about this is the recent zoas thread and when talking about trades to multiple people, they said they already had a pink milli, though I have 3 different looking millis (shape and color) that I call pink millis.


So, what color/kind of sps would you like if you could get it free? Not offering Brad.



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Red and Blue-and not Red as a Red Planet but more the Rommels Red or Red Dragon (which will be here tomorrow-LOL, the dragon that is) and Granulosa (similar to the Hellboy-oh wait, that shows tomorrow too)


ORA's Purple Nana is a sweet looking coral, much better then the Garf IMO and was sad I killed my colony off, it really pops-


For me it easier to say whay I like "less" -Green and Purple

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