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yummy salty treats


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Hi. I'm pippa.


So it's been a few since I've had my last reef, I kept two 12 gallon nano-reefs for a combined total of 10 years. Well, I can't afford a big tank anymore, so I'm going smaller, much smaller. Operation three gallon pico awesomeness here I come! I'm going to track it's progress here and I feel confident enough in my nano reef keeping skills to take this on so please don't hate.

If anyone knows of an AquaClear 50 or 70, I'm ready to buy. Also will be looking for 5lbs of high quality live rock.


Looking forward to meeting fellow enthusiasts! I'm attaching a picture of my last tank :)


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Welcome back! Pico tanks are getting more and more popular now adays (no hatein from us LOL) You should look for Islandoftiki's pest tank thread. Its compleatly awesome and I belive its only a two gallon (clap)


I love the field of softies in your picture. Is that a current tank or an old one?


Oh and we are having a meeting tomorrow up in Vancouver. If you want to stop by and talk reef you are more then welcome

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Nice tank! Welcome to the pico club! I'm the guy with the pest tank that everyone is so impressed with. I definitely prefer smaller tanks. My largest is 10 gallons. I have a 7.5 gallon majano propagation tank as well. Soon there will be a 25-30 gallon peacock mantis tank in the mix.


It's nice to see more pico tank owners!

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