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Thank you CoralCrazy


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Yes! Thank you Heather. (clap)

They are happy and one will be coming soon

Is that one of those BRS rocks? The "toadstool" looking one. I was just looking at some just like it on thier site prettycool.

Nope its not. I had a long piece of rubble rock that I used to brace a shelf coming off my rock work. It looks pretty cool and I like the old rubble rock. So much cheaper :)

Your both welcome and by the looks of it my nems have noticed the empty spots and are trying to fill themDOH!. Looks like I'll have another thread coming.(laugh) Thank you Thomas for transporting the other one.


Not a problem, so far its behaving well in my tank. My condy decided it was less then pleased though and changed to a new rock structure DOH! Darn nems LOL

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