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I thought I would get rid of the VHO's that are part of my fixture (coming to a sale thread if I bother-DOH!) and while I am at it thought i would rewire my LEDs.


Not sure why anyone would feel its more than they want to bargain for.


If you are methodical and organized its an easy process-(whistle)


I should be done by dinner-(laugh) Tomorrow that is(nutty)



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Are you changing anything when you re wire? Or just cleaning it up?


More or less cleaning it up, removing the large aluminum frame that housed all the drivers and the VHOs and also seperating the 2 10x30 heatsinks so I have 2 seperate fixtures. I am also adding splash gaurds, it came out very nice and clean IMO.

I'll post the finished product once its all completed-nearly done(clap)

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