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High End Chalices That Reefnjunkie Does Not Own


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Well those of you who have seen Brad's tank know he is a serious horder of high end corals BUT here are a few nice high end ones that I know he doesn't own!(laugh)(laugh) How do I know? I split these in a group buy back in June with Bigjohnwoody. Brad wanted no part of it because he thought the Banana Banshee was ugly..(nono) Well whose ugly now Junkie?!!!(agree)(naner)



Here is a shot when I first got them





This one was pale and stressed out but has really shown some nice color. It's called an Orange Sherbert





He also threw this one in for free too!It's called the Pinkalicious





This one and the Banana Banshee are my favorites!(drooler)





I love the blue rim on this one!(drooler) Brad thought it was ugly. He's getting a little colorblind and senile in his old age...(laugh):p







The Orenji is hard to find and people on other forums go nuts for it. It's okay I guess but this one I'm not superimpressed with it




A few freebies that were thrown in:







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Awesome. Even better up close.


Yes and you can actually get a top down view without having to get on a step stool. :)


That widow makers looks sweet-I'm pretty sure it would look very nice under my LEDs(whistle)


I guess I'd have to see the banshee in person to truly grasp its beauty (naughty)


Nice stuff(rock2)


The Widomaker is sweet. No worries "broness" I will hook you down the road.

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