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So whats your family tree like????

Here is mine

My family is french, british, and austrian.


My fathers side

Interesting on the french side of the family... Back in the day my family was french nobility until napoleaon came to power and started to purge the old nobility. My family fled to spain, was there a couple of years until mercenaries hired by napolean tracked them down, then they fled to mexico. Currently i still have some family in mexico, but most of us moved to the US in the late 1800's.


My mothers side

The british side of the family was more scandelous lol. This is my moms side (bentley) and yes we are loosely related to the car manufacturer. My moms great great great grandma had an affair with an english nobleman, had a son, which adopted the family name bentley and the rest is history... except we didnt get any of riches only the last name of bentley

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The weird thing about genealogy, Roy, is that the further back you go the more options you have. My great-grandfather was a polygamist with 7 wives (and President of the LDS church). But not counting the other ""sister-wives" it still starts to give many more options the further back you go.


My grandmother traced one side of the family back to William the Conqueror? But it makes you wonder how many dead ends she ran into? Let's face it, if you end up with Franklin Snow esq. Village Horse Dropping Smeller and semi-official Peeping Tom, you might tend to look down other branches in a panic?


Most of my ancestors came from Scotland and a small village in England. The village records go back until about 1500 or so. I suppose they were more interested in sheep than birth records?


I once had a friend that was pretty poor brag and tell me how wealthy his family is. I felt like saying , "So... you are really proud that you are very downwardly mobile? Do I have this right"?

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My family on my dads side is all Native American. I know our last name (McLemore) was taken from a white man that my distant relatives traded with. Before that the only records we can find most had a single name but were members of a family clan. My moms side is Irish and German but I don't know much about them.

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I'll bet no one can guess the genealogy of a name like McGinnis (whistle) (laugh)


My family is Irish (duh) and German. We have a bit of Scottish and English in there as well. The ancestor that I am named after has a pretty interesting story. He made a small fortune up in the klondike gold rush and used it to buy a old schooner sailing ship. He used it to pearl dive of Australia for a while and made another fortune. Our family lost track of him when he discovered the opium dens up in singapore (whistle) But if you look on a map of the panhandle of Alaska you can still find McGinnis Mountain, McGinnis Glacier, and the McGinnis river. All named after him. :D


My Grandma's Grandpa came over from Ireland and came here though Elis Island. He had many stops along the way and worked at a Minnesota school house where he wasn't paid but learned English in exchange for cleaning up after the little monsters. The main reason he is on my mind is we have an old photo of him by a stone house with a thatched roof. A few years ago my Grandma made the trip back to Ireland and has a picture of her by the same house in the same place. The only difference is that now it has a metal roof. But its in black and white, with out the roof change you really can't tell the difference. Crazy!


And like everyone we have some royal ties. We can trace our heritage to the old Bavarian royal family and I hear some extremely distant cousins still have some of the lands and a castle.

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