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FS: Sweet Maxi-Mini Ricordia Zoa Combo Rock


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We were going to put up another tank dedicated to maxi minis but decided three tanks was plenty!(laugh)


Here's a pretty sweet combo rock.(drooler) It is about 6 x 4 inches and about 6lbs and chocked full of corals! (clap)(clap)


It has 6 maxi minis

multiple bright Florida Ricordia

Zoas as seen

pulsing Xenia

and a Sebae anemone


and more! 200 dollars OBO


I know that sounds like a lot but the maxi minis alone are worth more than half the cost alone and the Ricordias on it are pretty awesome













Instant collection of an established rock! Who wants a really sweet rock?

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That would be one sweet rock in a little biocube or other small nano tank lppks loke it is worth the asking price good luck with the sale =)


Thanks Jeramy. It is a sweet rock and agree would be awesome in a nano. Pretty hearty corals and low light.


I would be really interested' date=' but not sure on my lighting ? Sending a pm[/quote']


pm replied to


Looking schweet! Hows the sebae doing? Is that it in the first pic? I sooooo need to set up another tank soon! Miss having one for sure!


Hey David! The sebae is doing fine. Couldn't get a good picture of it as it is in the corner. You're right in the first pic. You do need a new tank as you say Mang!

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