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There color is always more vibrant when they are closed, once they take in water and expand that color gets spread out. IMO yours is a little bleached out, IE it does no have as much color as it should. After it has been in your tank and presumably happier than it was in it's last tank it will color up more. I would say in four months the color of your nem when it's open will much more closely represent the color it is now when closed.

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That nem looks perfectly happy to me. Its a good sign when they open up like that. It means that they are happy in their spot. I have GBTA with purple tips. The tips were bright vibrant purple in the store, but it was more closed up. After a bit in my tank, the purple has faded a bit because it is so much more open than before. It has grown by about 10 times in size and I have fed it maybe 5 times in 7 months. His clown feeds him sometimes too, but only for the last two months. Don't rush to feed them unless you want them to get huge. After its been in the tank, give it a feeding and then just keep an eye on it.


Ohhh and a couple days after you feed, you might notice it shriveling up to like 1/20th of its size. Don't worry, its just pooping. When it does, it will have crazy vibrant colors though.

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