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I have the following lighting for sale.


(3) Icecap 250 watt MH ballasts. two of them are slightly used and the other one has been used for about 8 hours a day for over 5 years. asking $50 for each of the slighting used ones and $25 for the other one.


(1) Blueline 250 watt MH ballast, asking $25.


(1) PFO mini pendant with PFO ballast box that will house one of the icecap ballasts, asking $25.


(1) mini pendant similar to the PFO pendant but not sure the brand, free with any ballast.


(2) retrofit 250 watt DE reflectors with glass lenses, asking $20 each.


(2) ARO MR-192 ballasts to run PC lights, currently setup with straight pin PC bulbs. can run up to (2) 96 watts of bulbs each. asking $25 each.


(6) bulb 48" T5 Ocean Light fixture by Aqua medic, i got this from another member on the forums. asking $175. needs bulbs.



P1010783 by kilmca, on Flickr"]7525304382_2c737301b0.jpg

P1010783 by kilmca, on Flickr[/url]



P1010785 by kilmca, on Flickr"]7525314860_68d6c25279.jpg

P1010785 by kilmca, on Flickr[/url]



P1010786 by kilmca, on Flickr"]7525311946_c38bc07f78.jpg

P1010786 by kilmca, on Flickr[/url]



P1010788 by kilmca, on Flickr"]7525308464_c84e9579c0.jpg

P1010788 by kilmca, on Flickr[/url]

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