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Light Fixture Burn Out

Toby Flenderson

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Well my switch to LED's may come sooner an I thought. One of my DE bulbs went out tonight and I went to put in a new one from my back ups I found that one of the ends on the fixture was all burned and the metal just fell apart. The fixtures are 250 watt Hamilton reef star pendants. I can get a new socket in a few days from hamilton but I'm not sure how the coral on that side will do in the mean time. I rigged up a spare par38 bulb I had and have it 14" above the water. I'm not sure if this is a good idea or not. Anyone have any input?




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I'm also going thru the same thing. My HQI socket is shot on one side. I have went 3 days without light on one side with no ill effects. The socket is cheap ($10.00).


Corals will be fine for a few days without light.

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Thanks for the replies! Ive decided to order the new socket but I'm switching to a DIY led setup from rapid led. It will probly be at least 4 days before i get the new fixture hung. The par 38 is 3 cool whites and 2 royal blues with 60 degree optics. I don't think it will be too strong for them, just different and I just figured this was better than nothing. On that side.


Bicylebill- thanks for the offer, I might do that if it looks like it will take longer. Your choice of frags in return!


Cuttlefish- the picture is of just the par38 running on the right side. I just dug out my camera so I could take some more pics if anyone was interested in what the par38 looks like.

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