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Best source for live rock in PDX?


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Hey folks,


With confirmation that my new 10g tank has shipped, I'm starting to assemble all of the pieces and get ready for making this tank live and wet. I'm still a couple weeks out from getting it fully set up, but it's time to start figuring out the details. All of the ancillaries are ready to go.


Live Rock: Probably one of the more important pieces of the aquarium. I'd like to go with fully cured rock like I did on my 2 gallon pico. I'm going to need about 10 lbs obviously, so cost isn't really an issue. I want to get the best quality rock available. Any suggestions of where to get it? I'm happy to get it from the same source I got my first batch (2 lbs, LOL). But I was curious about your opinions of who has the best.


As far as sand goes, I'm thinking non-live aragonite and let it go live on it's own.


I'll have the tank early next week and I'm planning to fill it with plain tap water and run the filter/powerhead and heater to make sure everything is going well and there are no leaks or problems before I drain it and put in the sand bed, rock, RO/DI-salt mix and begin the cycling process.


I'll start an official tank thread when it gets here. Pictures will ensue. :-)

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upscales has good rock and the lfs on apple in beaverton has had some really nice rock and lots of times they havn't charged extra for some tics and mushrooms and zoas that are on them but make sure there isn't any majanos our apstasia on them

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