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Free serpent star to whoever wants him.


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Been trying to get this guy out of my tank for about a month. A lady at petco sold it to my wife telling her it only eats algae and she got it for me as a surprise. Well, it doesn't eat algae. If anyone wants it you can come pick it up. Otherwise I'm taking it to Woody at seahorse nw. If anyone's got a big refugium to put him in he would prob do good. He has awesome colors. Just not to friendly to the shrimp.


Here is a video my wife took while I was trying to get him out. So everyone can see how he looks if you are interested. Thanks,





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You should be good as long as your eel is healthy.


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Thx for the input gives me that little extra piece of mind. Yes he is the healthiest eel any where. Close quarters though, because the eel is living in the fuge till I get his tank up this month.

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