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My new blue Haddoni(lots of pics)


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Well I bought a blue haddoni and it arrived today. I bought it from Mike at Sexycorals. As of right now I am very pleased with everything other than I wish he would have put a little more water in the bag. When I opened it up it would be exposed to air a little. I just had to manipulate the bag some and it was ok. Very impressed with the color of this nem right outta the bag. I wish I could capture the true color with my camera, but I suck at photography. The foot is already attaching and the mouth looks good to me, but I'm no expert. Maybe a little protruded. It was stuck in a box for a day, so I don't blame it a bit for being a little stressed. Big props to Mike for great communication and an amazing species. Without futher ado........


The Packaging






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