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The Blue Z finally joins up!

Blue Z Reef

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Hey all,


I've been reef keeping for about 1.5 years now, saltwater in general for about 3. I've been meaning to join but just never made it over until today. Here are some pictures of my 90 gallon reef. I just moved it to my new house so things are still semi re-settling, but everything is looking good again quickly (clap)


Current Stock:

2 FP Clowns

Banggai Cardinal

Cleaner Wrasse

Bartlett Anthias

3 Bi-Color Anthias (Just added, not pictured)



Zoos, Shrooms, Trumpets, Leathers, Etc.


Enjoy the pics!









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Welcome aboard jeff. Those anthias are awesome fish..lol


It was good to meet you the other day.


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Haha yea I love the new ones and they are getting along just fine with my Bartlett so all is well. Thanks for the deal! :)


Welcome Jeff' date=' How long you had that cleaner wrasse? I had one that would eat pellets and lived forever until it carpet surfed.[/quote']


I've only had him a couple of weeks now so he's pretty new. I have plexi lids covering most of the area on top of my tank so hopefully he doesn't bail out lol

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