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maroon clown fry


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My day zero newly hatched baby maroon clown fish.. just three more babys that havent hatched I think I have about fifty but I am not sure.. I know from my book they are one of the harder fry to grow out, so we'll see. Last time I hatched australian tomato clowns.. so we will see how it goes



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I had a few die offs but not bad. just about four i think and what might have gotten intrapped in the rock they were laid on.. they just never want to lay on what I want them to lay the eggs on.



the light i used last time ended up taking a swim a few months ago, so I was using a compact florecent and old one.. but it was just too much even at a distance so I tried my reading light but it wasnt enough so I went to walmart and bought a 60wt bulb cabinet light for them and and they are now swimming everywhere.. they are very happy. Keep your fingers and toes crossed

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