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seen something with a blenny that IU cant believe.

city hunter

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I witnessed something tiwce now tonight ith ym midas belnny and a new midas that didnt make it, that I am amazed to see.


I've had a smaller midas for a few months now, and today I recently bought a new larger midas, and I believe something happened to it on the way back, and she didn't survive but a few hours. Well I was gonna let her die in peace and not pull her/him out. My other midas was curled around the dead body of the other midas. I was looking at this surprised, then I kinda spooked the fish walking by, and grabbed my camera on the way back, The midas again was laying right next to the dead fish. I snapped some pictures of it the second time around. Ironically, as I was typing this... The blenny was laying next to it again, and this is on the sand. This blenny never sits on the sand.


I can only say that this fish knows whats going on, and iis either sad, or something else, but is staying with a dead body. Frankly I find this very impressive.



Anyone else ever had something like this happen? I will try n upload a picture tomorrow, it isnt as nice as when I first saw the blenny curled around the other, but it still shows the blenny sitting next to the deceased.

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A few years back I had a female seahorse who was getting old and did not look well. Her mate hitched to her. When she died I had to use my fingers to remove the males tale from her body so I could pull out the dead seahorse. The male stayed in that spot for the next 3 or 4 days.

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