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WTT/WTS Unknown little piggy wrasse


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I hope this works... first time for me here, I have a yellow stripped wrasse that is a little bigger than I prefer for my tank, he's a pig when it comes to feeding and outcompetes my other fish, i would like to trade for some frags since i have ventured from fowlr tank to a reef type tank or another small fish .. open to about anything.






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man... that is a hard one to ID. Just for fun and procrastination I tried to find it in books and online... found similar but shorter bodied Bodianus/hogfish species, Coris atlantica, and Hologymnosus doliatus and H rhodonotus. Those last 2 being most likely. Here are links:










It is also possible it's worth some money, if it is something rarely seen in the hobby. Check this out:




I'd say this fish deserves a bump (: It is hard to ID wrasses since different locations have slightly wider or narrower stripes, and as they age their spots and stripes change. But I think it's that one off blue zoo. Good luck, it looks like a nice fish.


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The fish is settling in nice. A little bit of chasing between the melanurus and him. But no real aggression I can see. No joke he is a pig. Always on the hunt just saw him devour a bristle worm as long as him. Hope the clown is settling in nice for you. I got the power head on the Nem for you just waiting on some movement.

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Glad to hear he's doing ok for you. I think pig might not be the right word. more like eating machine... kind of miss him wriggling back and forth when i walk up to my tank now but not seeeing all the new empty shells from the hermits is kinda nice too. the clown was swimming with my smaller one when i got upthis morning so i think he will like it the tank... maybe a little more when he has a nem to snuggle up to. thanks again for time spent talkin reef!

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