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FS - 29 Gallon Biocube up and running with all the extras


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Well due to a back injury and a car breakdown in the same week I am forced to sell my last fish tank. It is a 29 gallon biocube, in perfect working condition, with a very nice black double door stand with smoked glass in the doors. This is a super nice setup with the upgraded return pump. I have the original top with the 4 PC bulb modification and I have a 150 watt MH fixture with two T5's and nice add on moonlights. The bulbs have roughly 6 months use on them. The stand is in beautiful condition. The tank is running right now and is well cycled. The only fish in the tank is a lawnmower blenny. The is about 40 lbs of live rock in the tank also. I also have a few small koralias that will go with the tank too. This is an awesome tank and I wouldnt be selling it if it werent for the serious outgoing money but priorities are priorities. I am asking 250.00 for everything or make me a reasonable offer as the sooner I can turn it into cash the better. I will try and post some pics when my wife, who can stand up, gets around to it.




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Doug you should try CL before just giving it away here. ;)


I agree Trent. 200 dollars with all the contents including the rock , including stand is a steal. The last thing I need is another tank but I was still tempted to buy it (laugh) Sorry to hear about your back Doug and good luck with the sale.

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After an offer of 125.00 your probably right Trent.


Again..I said simply if you got desperate it was not meaning a jack *** way...I just don't need it, but for a stupid crazy deal.I could figure it out. I know in times I have sold stuff at insane low prices just because I really needed to...that's all I apologize if I offended you, I did preface it and it was not my intention...you have been very, very nice to me.




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