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Getting out for awhile/or downgrade.


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I have a lot going on right now and need to get out of hobby for awhile.I might down grade later but need to sell now.Live stock will need to go first.Then equipment.I will take dibs on my equipment while selling livestock.Everything will be or best offer.Do not be afraid to make offer.need to sell.I will now list equipment then live stock.Will post pics in little bit.

Live Rock is for sale at 2.00 a lb.I am pretty sure there is about 150 pounds or more.Will make deal if you buy a lot.

1.LED"S,I bought these brand new form OIAB last month.I paid 350.00 each.Will sell for 280.00 each or both for 500.00sold

2.Vortech mp40 for 240.00pending gabe

3.reef octopus nwb110 skimmer 3 months old.Will clean it and will look brand new almost.140.00

4.80gal acrylic tank that has some scratches and stand for 100.00

5.Very nice acrylic sump I think around 40 gal.100.00pending breefcase

6.Reefkeeper lite.One month old.90.00pending trautman

I have some test kits and chems i will give away with purchases.


Live stock.

1.very nice green and purple acans about 15-20 heads.40.00pending frank

2.red with green and yellow acans.3 adult heads and 4 smaller heads.20.00pending frank

3.pinkish acans about 10 heads.15.00

4.brain coral.40.00

5.red with green blastomussa 5 heads.60.00pending frank

6.big idaho grape monti.50.00pending

7.tear drop clam.40.00sold

8.3 orange rics.25.00

9.rbta about 4inch.35.00pending breefcase

10.tyree toadstool small.15.00

I have to run,but will post pics and more coral in a little bit.

11.sunset monti,30.00

12.green mille,35.00

13.i think its called pokerstar.50.00

14.about 7 head duncans.30.00

15.about 6 heads hammer coral.25.00

16.bird nest colony,35.00

17.red digitata,20.00

18.was told tyree tri color but i dont know.very nice piece though.15.00

19. acro colony,60.00

20.german blue polyp,10.00pending Matt

21.purple digitata,10.00pending matt

22.Pink zipper zoas-6 heads,50.00










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I deleted some. It is only letting me keep about 15 then says I'm full.

I also have other coral for sale.

Ora birdnest colony. 25.00

Lots of zoas cheep. La lakers nightmares and a bunch of wild ones.

Green star polyps. 10.00

Two mini maxis. 25 each.

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