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Tyree Spacemonster blowout! SPS! Rainbow Acans! Chalices! Maxi minis! Sale!!!!!!


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Beth broke out the frag tools and bandsaw today and we have lots of things for sale. Some things we will wait at least a week to heal! Lots of great stuff at great prices! Something for every addict!(laugh)(clap)


Same deal as before 20% of this will go to Tanks for teacher! I'm going there this Friday again and will post up pictures of the Pioneer school


First off the Tyree Spacemonsters! Great looking zoa(drooler) 20pp or 2 for 30!(clap)


2 to Rgrcrain

2 to Breefcase

2 to Noobtosalt

2 to Mytshall

1 to Hotshot

4 to Mr S


Candy apple reds pictured are only 10 dollars pp!(clap)


1 frag sold to Electrokate 1 left





Next I have this nice purple watermelon type chalice I originally got from Tim at Westside only 20 dollars!


Sold to MVP




ORA Bird of Paradise frags for sale! This is a nice fast growing hardy SPS!(drooler) I have 4 big frags! 10 dollars each!


1 frag sold to Electrokate 1 to K9flash 1 to Algae 1 Kris all gone now!


Here's the mother colony





Here are the frags!




I have a nice colony of Rufus(drooler) Very hardy fast grower great color only 40 dollars for this big colony!(clap)(clap)


Sold to Smann





Pavona Maldivensis! This is an unusual coral that gets a orange glow! I have 3 frags of this only 10 dollars each!


2 Sold to Algae 1 to Reefnjunkie all gone now




Again something you do not see in the stores very often a nice marble war coral! Very beautiful!(drooler) Only 20 dollars for the bottom frag!(clap)


Sold to MVP





Maxi mini lovers I have quite the collection! 7 available! These are very difficult to get a good picture of but look better in person! Only 20 dollars each!(clap)(clap)


Pink one and one bluish one to cellowithgills

1 to K9 flash

1 to Algae Maxi B 3 still available




Closeup shot of 3 above












Now something for the zoa lovers!(clap)(clap)


Djiton Pink and Golds WYSIWYG 15 dollars!(clap)




Pink no names!


Frag c 15 dollars Frag B and A only 5 dollars!








Miami Vice look alike zoas only 20 dollars wysiwyg


Sold to rgrcrain






For you Rainbow Acan lovers! (drooler)You don't see many rainbow acans right now because there is a shortage!

I have 3 large frags of the Westside Rainbow 9 to 10 polyps per frag only 40 dollars!(clap)






The TECO ones on the right I have a two 3 polyp frags for 40 dollars


1 sold to Kris and 1 to K9flash all gone now








Nice Tyree Sunset Monti.(drooler) Fragged this into thirds each frag only 10 dollars!(clap)


1 frag to cellowithgills 1 to Gill 1 to Dobler 123 Tyree Sunset Montis all spoken for now!





Favia frags only 10 dollars each!(clap)




Rainbow Yuma 15 dollars


Sold to Algae





Remember 20% of the proceeds go to the Tanks for Teacher program!

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Some have a blue tint to them. I would suggest you come by and look at them in person cello.


I trust your judgement. And to be perfectly honest, I'm more looking for mini's for my sexies to host and to experiment with fragging, not to add color to my tank. I'd like to put my name on that pink one as well as a blue-ish one.

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I trust your judgement. And to be perfectly honest' date=' I'm more looking for mini's for my sexies to host and to experiment with fragging, not to add color to my tank. I'd like to put my name on that pink one as well as a blue-ish one.[/quote']


Okay I have you down for 2 cello!


I'll take the Rufus...PM sent


You got it Steve, that will look nice in your tank!




Whats up with the Miami vice look alikes' date=' One has a purpleish center one has a greenish one? I will take them both if they are both for sale. And the 2 for 30 Spacemonsters.[/quote']


The one with the green center is not for sale Roger but I will have Beth frag you some! That's the main colony!



List updated and remember 20% of proceeds goes to the tanks for teacher fund

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Are you selling the orange mini maxi kim?If so can i have dibs?


No that one has not been fragged yet Jonas but I will keep you in mind if we do! :)


I will take a frag of the sunset if there is any left :)


Yes we have a frag of the sunset for you Gill!

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I'll take TSM's 2fer$30.


If someone needs frag transport, I'll be going from P town to Eugene on Thursday nite (assuming that nite work to pick up the TSM's?)


Thanks for the offer. Cellowithgills lives in Springfield so that would be awesome of you! By the way the pictures were taken with one of your aquariscopes!(clap)

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