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The tank the forum built!


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Beth and I went to Pioneer school to replace the bulbs. Good thing too as 2 of the 4 had burned out! Today I have to say I am finally completely happy with how the tank looks. The new skimmer has made a huge difference. The water is much clearer, there is less cyano too and I think the tank has finally finished the ugly cycle growing pains!


Several staff came by and said how thankful they were. Several children also said how happy they were. Again I would like to thank Nick at Rosecity for his continued support. He provides fresh water for them to top off.


I am really proud of this forum!(clap)(clap)












Cinnamon clowns were donated by Barelycuda. The firefish was sold to me at cost from Tim at Westside







The chalice is doing well donated by Mohaynow





The lights 2 of the lights were for the points from the BRS group buy we did thanks Kris and tanktop. The other two were proceeds from my recent classifieds. Thanks everyone for buying stuff!(clap)(clap)





Beth loves using her tools!(clap) You can also see in the backround a child. He ran over immediately when he saw us changing the lights. A lot of people came by to say how happy the tank is and how much they enjoy it and how beautiful it is. The kids really love it.






Thanks again for all that contributed to the skimmer and thanks Lowman for getting it and suggesting getting a bigger one. The tank looks so much better now. Also again thanks Madmike for building a new sump and thanks Vinh for donating the acrylic




New lights up. This was before we realized we did not have them all on and it still looks awesome!






Thanks again Barelycuda. One of the ocellaris didn't make it but the other one hangs out with the Cinnamon clowns












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Thanks everyone! We couldn't have done it without the members and sponsors support. Here's a few more pictures. We stopped by Garrett's after we finished the lights. We bought a few things from the TFT funds and Garrett sold them to us at cost! Thanks again Garrett!(clap) I forgot to also mention that Titusreef donated a frag of frogspawn too that we put in the tank yesterday!


One of the mono fish died so we got a coral beauty. It's in my frag tank now. I will probably put it in their tank next week once I'm sure it's doing well. Looks great and already ate last night!






We got a few zebra snails for them. I will also put them in probably next week




Beth and I thought the left side of the tank looked great with the frogspawn and the blue chalice but the right sided needed a little color. I think this nice Coco worm will be a great addition



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