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5-6 inch Clown Tang


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I have a very healthy 5-6 inch clown tang that I would like to find a new home for. I have had it for at least 2 years and now it needs a larger tank. My tank is 72 inches long but that is not big enough. It has only been mean to one File fish that could not hack it. Otherwise it does not bother my flame angel, anthias, blennies, clowns and other small fish. I don't have any other tangs so I can't say how it will treat them. I see it as a mostly peaceful fish but I read online that it has a bad reputation. It has no interest in bothering coral.


It will eat anything and everything. I am asking $50.00. I won't sell it to anyone with a tank smaller than mine.


Not sure how I am going to catch it yet but I will figure that out if I can find any takers.





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i had a clown tang for 3.5 years. it became so aggressive that i had to get rid of it. i might be interested in trying another.


I would not call this tang aggressive. At least not with other fish that are smaller. I don't have any other large fish. I would say it is more 'agro' than aggressive. This fish is just so fast and so active that it overwhelms my small fish population.

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