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Tyree Aspera Chalice


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How do I find out the value (fair selling price) for this coral? I google and google, and mostly all I can find are pictures on other forums. I'm thinking of selling a very nice sized frag (a few inches but I would need to measure) so I can buy some stuff I've got my eye on.


I can put up a pic tonight if needed. Thanks.

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okey-dokey - I will call Isaac and see if he has an idea. I do know that LFS prices are definitely not the same as forum prices, that's why I love buying from my fellow forum members LOL. I will try to get a pic up tonight - although it WILL be a bad pic, with a crappy camera - I will do my best. ;)


I'm only thinking of selling this one since I have 3 tiny frags that came off of it so I still have plenty for myself. No clue on price because I rec'd it as a straight across trade. Thanks all.

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tyree aspera chalice...couple inches...$30-$40.


I bought a small 3/4" frag in So Cal for $20, but the prices up here are a little higher...nice chalice, fast growing.


On a side note, have you seen the sweeper tentacles those babise have? My aspera is 4" in diameter, but it has about 4 tentacles that come out at least 4". beautiful beast

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