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180 Tank and Equipment Sale, lighting, ballasts, water jugs, magnetic scrape, reactor


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All items are pending. Send me a PM if you want anything in case the buyer changes their mind. Pending buyer to pick up everything on Monday. Thanks for the interest


All livestock has been sold so I now have my tank and equipment for sale. It is broken up as follows. Call 503-330-4772 or send me a PM. I will try to get photos uploaded this weekend, but most of the stuff is straightforward. I should be available this weekend if anybody wants to pick something up.


1. The tank, stand, canopy, and lighting with ballasts are being sold together. Asking $1,000. If you don't want the used acrylic tank I will knock $150 off of the price. It is a 180 gallon set up drilled and plumbed for a closed loop. Includes the following:


a. 180 gallon used Tru-vu acrilic tank. I bought the tank 2 1/2 years ago. There are some scratches but it always looked good when filled with water.


b. Cherry stand and canopy as seen in photo. The wood is beautiful. I paid $1800 just for the stand and canopy. All of the doors on the canopy and stand easily pop off for easy access and the top of the canopy has hinges that open as well.


c. All of the lighting and ballasts are included. The canopy has three 400W metal halides and four 6' actinic bulbs. The lighting is plug and play. all of the wiring is here. The ballasts are all Icecap electronic. Three ballasts for the MH's and 1 for the actinic.





2. Two 1" sea swirls. Work perfectly. $225.


3. Sixteen 5 gallon jugs. Asking $4 per jug.


4. Blue Line 100 pump. Same as the one in the attachment below. Does 1900 gallons per hour. $150




5. Blue Line 55 pump. Same as the one in the attachment below. Does 1100 gallons per hour. $100




6. Pacific Coast Imports 1/2 HP chiller. Model C-0500. Same as the retail site below. Chiller is in great condition and works perfectly. $400




7. Skimmer Sold



8. UV sterilizer Sold


9. Precision Marine calcium reactor. Model is CR422. Same as the link below. Also includes a CO2 tank and regulator. Works great. $150.




10. Magnetic algae scraper. Made for up to 1/2" thick acrylic by hammerhead float. Same as the link below. $40.



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well....PM sent....rememeber....deep breaths....think before you speak....don't say anything you might regret later, you get the idea.....in other words....be prepared to be offended....if it makes it any better I have never seen it...and photobucket doesn't work from work. but you could email me pic's if you have em

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