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my name is Jimmy. I've been reef keeping for close to a year now, but still often find that I don't know much about it. I heard of this site from a friend and from Tim (Westside Aquarium) and decided to check it out. I currently have a 55g reef and a 10g soon to be reef (so far it only has some LR, firefish 1 astrea and a hermit crab). I'd like to perhaps, in time, participate in some frag trading and figured it was time to join up here.


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thanks for the warm welcome! :D my current interest is zoanthids. I'd like to colonize both my 10 and 55g tanks with different types. any info where to collect some would be nice (if that question belongs in a different forum I appologize)

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Welcome to the site.

One thing I never did when starting out was dipping my corals before putting them in my tank. I also really liked zoas and it was not long before I ran into the nudibrach eating zoa. Not sure if I spelled that right but they can hide out and really mess with your zoas.


Dipping all the new things before they go in is a safe measure.


good luck and enjoy

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Yeah, those little nudi's can be tricky.(flame)


Be careful what you wish for, you fill the 10 gallon and you'll start looking for a 20, then a 40, then a 120.(laugh)


Before you know it you'll be selling the Flat screen from living room so you can afford that 1 soprano zoa(drooler)


Anybody need a TV?rofl

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lol. I could probably spare one of my flat screen in my living room (I have 2 heh). I figure if I fill up my 10 I can always start putting them in my 55 :p also I currently have a 75g and a 20g long in my friends garage in eugene (his name is eddie he used to post on here. sn cuttlefish or something along those lines) so I'm good to go lol.

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