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Thanks to Frank!!!


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OK, so these are rushed shots and still need alot of work to show the true colors but I have a new camera and lens' but have really been struggling to get good shots-These still need work but in comparison its like I just went from an 8-track player (thats a method of playing music in the 70"s for you young people) to a CD player-I cant wait to go digital

Still needs a lot of work but I am starting to get it-(clap)


Thanks Frank for spending time in expaining to me some tips, still more to do but I am very grateful-Sorry I got your tripod piece


Just a few new pics

Mystic Sunset


Cant remember and too lazy to go see


TEC Watermelon


TCM Blueberry Alien Eye


Tyree Pink Watermelon


Golden Age


Tyree Bazooka Joe


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Looks like your getting there. If you want I can help you out with a couple more tips when I get the other bulb from you.


I'll take you up on that!!





Hey Brad that's quite an improvement!


HUGE-and that is just shooting the pic and uploading it-nothing else, there is some huge over exposure or whatever the "technical"

word is.


I call "newbieness"

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