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Anyone who home brews ever made one of these?


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I was browsing the web looking for a DIY plan for a magnetic stirring device and it seems as though they are fairly popular with the brewing community.


I was just curious if anyone on this site that brews has attempted to make one, or if the have any pointers.


The idea seems fairly simple, you mount a couple of high powered magnets to a small computer fan with a variable voltage regulator to turn up and down the fan speed. Mount a sturdy plexiglass top with some small spacers over over the magnets. Get yourself a stir bar off ebay and a flat bottom glass container and BAM.


I actually had almost all the parts sitting in my garage with the exception of the stir bar that I purchased on ebay last night. I'm going to use mine for a refridgerated auto feeder I'm building. I'll let you guys know how it goes, these could be a pretty cheap solution for a Kalk stirrer as well.

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yeah i have too home made ones. here's the problem. the pots for speed adj. don't really work that well unless you use the right kind of capacitors and all that. There is a guy online that sells them here for $42 and they work a lot better than the home made ones. or two for $75.




Thanks for the heads up, I may go that route if I end up seriously using one. I have a variable voltage regulator on the way, it was cheap on ebay so we will see what happens. I did get my stir bar in the mail the yesterday though :D I think I need to re-position my magnets on my fan, and maybe go with a beefier fan as well.


do you have a thread for the auto feeder? I been wanting do do one as well. Curious for details..


Yeah here is the thread that I have been documenting most of it on.


I home brew but don't use a stir plate since I don't usually use a starter in my brews. But the idea is pretty simple and should be easy to make. Take pics and keep us updated!! I may need to do a starter for a big brew down the road ;)


Once it works well enough to not be embarassing I'll take some pics ;)

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