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LED lights-R U using them-check these out


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OK So I need to add something to my tank and I've been talking to a fellow at this site and he has these LED's.




Who is using LED's and are happy with what they have?


If you are happy can you give me some info, like who, what (brand), and where?


I would have to order 2 panels-:eek: which is a bit-(nutty)


He sent me pics of his tank and the SPS look awesome-Granted I dont know him from "Adam" so it could be anyones tank- I dont have any reason to doubt him, but I'm also more leary than the average person.


Check out those freakin par values-OMG


Anyway, I have been interested in LED's or inquisitive to say the least-this is the same guy I have been talking to about the SWC skimmer I am looking at.


Chime in please

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I like led technlogy, you have seen my frags under LEDs.


I like em' but I'm waiting for the longevity test period to pass(another year or two)


That fixture looks nice but not as powerful as the AI fixture.


For the price I would try it out with the mindset that I'll probably upgrade later. ;)

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Post the pics sucka!


Pics of what???




Whats "AI" stand for ?


I googled AI led and founf advanced illumination but not getting a lot of detail.


Most LEDs I see are 1 watt, the ones this guy is showing are 3 watters.


I dont know that I have seen your frags under LED?????? I have not seen anyones tank with LED except CA2OR


I agree on "test period"

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I was checkin out the same fixture a few months ago. There is a thread somewhere here.

They are good, as light/par. Problem is that they are made cheap and they use the same technology they were originally made for: grow light.

I was following a thread about them in Australia and another one on NR. Same issue: they rust pretty badly and you have to throw away the fixture in a really short lifespan.

I would go for something made a little bit better and more specifically for saltwater, like Maxspect.

Hope this helps

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Yes, but they are driven at 1,26, so you have just a bit more than 1w.

Here is the australian forum I was talking about



I saw that afterwards-I'm sticking where I am for awhile-I want to let all the early adopters be my test subjects-(laugh)


Alex, you sure dig up some good reads-I guess I need to refine my searches-LOL


Thanks for the input-


On a side note, I was asking the guy about what looked like algae in his tank from the pictures and he said zero algae was present and then mentioned how he had not done a water change in 4.5 years, and his trates and Phos were undetectable.

In his pics the SPS look pretty good but the tank IMO is not the hottest looking-these are from him and the lighting is the LEDs;








Anyway, I do think after its all said and done I getting the SWC skimmer-so no new lights, no denitrator but a new skimmer and most likely redesign the sump to add a fuge-


So now I get to read on a good fuge design/plan-sounds like a new thread to me, hey it could be worse-I could do polls (just kiddin Kim)

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This same fixture was my target for a while when I was planning the 2 40b.

I did a lot of reading to be sure. There is nothing worst that spend money in bad equipment, I hate that. At the end I opted for halides, again. Like you, I let other people do the medium term testing for me :)

Last wc 4,5 years ago? Why do you have to say that to all the world? It is like to tell that you change your underwear once a month!

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