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Wish me luck


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Sucks....but this might all work out to be a blessing in disguise. I have been doing pretty well off of unemployment, but a paycheck will be so much better. If I land it I will update anyone interested in obtaining a position with this company. I know they are ramping up a bit and I also know from my former employer that this is a high demanded place to work.

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Miles, thank you and the tank upgrade will be coming soon now.....


Perry, I will be doing technical support for a company called Iberdola in downtown Portland. It is mostly IT related with some turbine troubleshooting mixed in.


Frank, thank you man, I know you understand the impacts of all of this. I am sure most of you do....but to go from $15 an hour to $24 an hour is a big jump, plus I am back in my element....for the most part in IT. Although this isn't totally an IT job. I am actually close to my California pay scale now....super stoked.

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