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Old School Oceanic Cube build...


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Scored a really cool old school Oceanic Cube tank off CL for $50 with stand not too long ago. We decided to build it into our new frag tank. The little 15 gallon just doesn't have the footprint we need. When I got the tank it had no holes in it. I drilled a single overflow and a single return hole and installed bulkheads in them and loc-line on the return. I couldn't find a decent sump in the proper size to fit under the stand and over the back filtration wasn't going to cut it for this system. So, I built a custom sump to fit the stand. Thanks MattV for the Acrylic donation and cutting service!!! The only piece of acrylic I bought was the front clear panel. I had some small clear scraps around that I made the sock chamber out of. All the white acrylic was donated and cut for me by MattV. Then I employed my girlfriend Stacy to help me glue the panels in place. As you can see from the pics in the following couple posts. The sump came out awesome! I'm totally stoked to get this thing fired up and filled with stuff. I have pics of the build up to this point. I will be back in a couple weeks to post pics of it with stuff in it and up and running.








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Here's a shot of the sump in the stand. The top of the stand is currently removed so that the door could be taken out to get the sump in place. The door is smoked glass and the sump was designed to fit in just far enough back to clear the glass as it opens and closes. Before final assembly the tank will get a painted back panel to hide the plumbing and the stand will get a new paint scheme. I will be sure to take photos of the entire process.


Tank capacity is 33.8 gallons and the sump is 28.4 gallons. THe sump will probably be run with approx 15 gallons in it. Making the system just shy of 50 gallons up and running!


Gotta love that old school super green glass!!! =0)





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Just a little update on the 34 gallon cube build. Tonight I have photos of the back of the glass tank after I painted it. The tape is still on the trim in the photos...don't worry. The trim still looks the same. =0)


Then I decided that I needed an overflow box in the upper corner to raise the water line above the bottom of the trim. So a quick trip to Tapp Plastics and $1.75 later I had acrylic. The Box measures 5" wide, 4" tall, and 3" front to back. It is made of smoked acrylic so that it looks black, but you can see if anything is in there. It was unintentional...I wanted black...but I really like the idea once I saw the acrylic box done. There is a pic of the raw acrylic with the paper, then a shot of it all taped up and partially papered, and finally a finished shot of it all glued up. If you look closely at the last shot you can see the seams are darker than the rest of the box showing that it is see through.


I just siliconed it in place and will waite 24 hours to run a water test. Tomorrow evening it should all be up and running. =0)


The last phot is of a phosphate reactor I got for it...it's used, but just right for this little system. I'll toss up a few shots of the skimmer and the system when I get it filled up and running. Then a shot when I get the light mounted and finally one of the system with stuff in it when I get there...


THanks for watching.








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