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is this a joke?????


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Everything is on sale... but looks like one of those furniture stores that is always going out of business. The site lists Xenia with a price of $89 marked down to $19. Obviously, no one actually sells Xenia for $89. So the pre prices are just fake to make it look like a big sale.

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Last acans I sold where around 3.00 a head and they blew those things out of the "ocean"(laugh)


Just ask reefit- I think he bought like 6 small colonies from me-LMAO


and I will be posting the last 2 in the future.


As someone posted, if it sounds to good to be true....


Reminds me of this one site that was giving away freee "purple hornets"


Ya right-


Good luck with the purchase-Hopefully you can report back some great feedback.


Oh yes and Xenia 89.00 isn't that the stuff Grassi sells for 5.00-why yes, yes it is

Mark it up 150% and do a 90% off sale-:p

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