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chalices grown together


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any of you guys have corals grown together like this?




But I will, glad to see they are co-habitating.


Is that an undata below the BGM and OME? Curious who wins there-I have an undata getting ready to invade my superman and purple haze-I am wanting the undata to "win" of course.


Are the BGM and OME able to be reoved? Do they start to encrust after they have been in a spot a long time-I thought they grow their own skeleton as to encrusting-I'm a noob


Nice pics Roy

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the monti below the two chalices is a hispida, so far the chalices have slowly been killing it back when they need more room to grow. As for removing the chalices, i can still pop the plugs off that is underneath, but it will take some scalpel action around the parts that have fused onto the rockwork

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