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DE HQI Bulbs


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Ok, I know this has been hashed out before....


I am looking for good color in my new selona tank.... Since I have no idea how old the bulb is in the light fixture that it came with I am looking for opinions here before I think about buying a new bulb.


Its a 250 watt bulb, DE HQI.


I think it has 14k right now and doesn't make the corals look good at all!


Was considering a 20K bulb, but really know nothing about manufactures, which is best, which to stay away from...


So what are you thoughts??




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This topic has been covered a couple times before :D. If you want a bulb that produces a white light with blue tint go with the Phoenix 14k. If you want something more blue you are going to have to try a 20k bulb of some kind. I'm not sure which one is best because all i'll ever use is the 14k Phoenix. i've tried other name brand 14k and 15k bulbs and none of them compare to the Phoenix. That's my experiences.

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My experiance


You may want to do a search, not long ago their was a thread, I think Noob started, I mat be wrong but for what type of bulb you have (DE) the Phoenix 14K won hands down-


It is what I have switched all mine to.


It has a very blue look to it for a 14K so I think you get a better growth with that Kelvin temp vs the 20K which typically will be a bluer look than a 14K or the 10K.

The lower the Kelvin, the whiter/yellower the bulb, with Phoenix being the exception as far as I know.


Adding the Phoenix 14K was one of the best things I have done for my tank

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