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Prop Shop 8 3' Frag Tanks/Stands and more!!


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So after accumulating all of this stuff to build a frag setup I have decided to forgo it. I've found out its a little to much of an undertaking with my lifestyle. I really think Im just gonna concentrate my efforts on my display tank. Like I said there is a lot of stuff for sale. Lots. I will do my best to list it all with pics. I also can make a heal of a deal if you buy all of it :)



Sumps you ask?? I got sumps


Big blue sump- 39x39x21 Around 130G $80




24G 22x14x18 sump $15 Someone siliconed acrylic together so I cant say its the greatest but $15 who cares :)




Black Smart Bin 37x21x16sumps app 50G $25- They are drilled in different places so you would have to check them out first to make sure they work for you app.




100GPD RODI Used but works good, needs a cleaning $65



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i'm not setting up a FS in my garage. no i am not. i don't need a big sump' date=' no i don't. my wife will kill me if i do. yes she will.[/quote']


Dude I can deliver! I can make ya a sweet package deal (whistle)

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RYAN.................I f'n hate you!!!!!!


Be nice Bob :) I gotta edit ya know.


If you part the system out I will buy at least one of those frag tanks. Just don't tell my wife!!!!


I wanna try to keep as a package but we will see.


If i bought all that stuff from you' date=' i'd have about 1000 gallons in my house. dude i want to stay married to a woman.[/quote']


Come on you already have almost 400 now whats a little more!

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He's not kidding, when he delivers, he brings about 10 people and they move their entire garage into yours. i'm one of his victims from the last tank setup i bought from him.


you DO have a pretty big garage By what I remember. When I saw it, it looked like not even half was used for SW

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Ryan, you should give Brandon a call. I'm sure he's just itchin' to get back into it.


BTW - I'd be interested in a single frag tank if you decide to part it out.


Hes coming over to look at it tonight :)


I will let ya know Scott

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