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For Sale - Parting Out Reef Tank


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After seven years with this tank I've decided to break it down. I need to get rid of the liverock before I can get the fish out and then empty it. But there are several pieces I can get rid of in the short-term:


- Live Rock. Only ~20 lbs left. It's all Pacific (Tonga, Vanuantu, etc.) and fully cured - most of what is left has been sitting in my sump for the last year. No flatworms or aptasia. $1.50/lb.

- Korallin C-1502 reactor with Eheim pump, 5 lb. CO2 cylinder w/dual gauge regulator, and ~4 lbs of unused CaribSea reactor media. $300 Sold

- Tunze Cleaning Magnet (for 1/2” -5/8” glass). $25

- ¾” SeaSwirl. $40 Sold

- Tunze Osmolator Auto Top-off System with Custom Acrylic 8.5”x18”x19.5” (~12 gal.) Reservoir. Needs a new meter pump ($25 online) but is a great system for top off on pretty much any style tank. $100

- T5 High Output Light Fixture – 4x54w 48” - Only 1.5 years old and in great condition. Comes with two integrated timers, fans, plus LED “lunar” lights. Four used bulbs included. $125

-Sunpark electronic ballast for 2x54w T5's, brand new and never used. $25

-American Marine Pinpoint PH monitor with AC adapter, probe, and calibration fluids. $50 Sold

-Refractomer. $35


-PomPom Xenia Frags. $5 small, $10 for big

- 5” Green Favia $10


PM if interested.


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