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tank huh?


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So I have eight tanks. ranging from 5 1/2 gallon to 40 gallons. at least at my apartment. heres the stumper. I tested my tank today

I had all these tanks for over two years never a problem now this. All tanks get the 20% waterchange twice a month. On the same day. they all have eheims on them except the smallest tank all 90 gallon eheims. same filter medias. etc... they all have three fish in them. A nice amount of blue legged hermits and some snails and my corals of course


Last night when I tested my tanks I had no ammonia, no nitrites, ph 8.4. no phosforus. But all but one had a 40ppm nitrates. So I went and did a big water change. Today the same test was done and the same answer came out. so I did another water change and again same answer. I tested my clean salt water and it read no nitrates and I use ro water.


I only feed with the filters off and small amounts every two days. I have my lights on maybe five hours a day. with an hour shut off time in the middle..


My tank that didn't have any nitrates was my 20 long tank. I have a maroon clown in it and two gobys and two different breeds of pistol shrimp. could my gobys and my pistol shrimps what is keeping the nitrates away? Thats the only tank that has them. the others I have sally light foots and hermits in them. Or is there another answer? and why nitrates out of no where?


Any one?

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I would try a different test kit, for starters. What kind of kit are you using now?


It's not too likely that the fish/crabs/shrimp are going to make much difference between tanks. Some corals will absorb more nutrients from the water than others - softies like leathers and zoas, especially.

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well I first tested with a API test for nitrates then again with an instant ocean test today. I got the same answer with both tests.... in all eight tanks....


I dont have any leathers and very few zoo's lots of mushrooms in all tanks star polyps. hammer head. torch corals frog spawn, and clove polyps and anemone in each tank. a brain coral in each tank and thats about it. I have just about one bunch of zoo's in each tank and thats it... they didnt fair well till recently. I got some evil emerald crabs I couldnt catch without taking the tank apart that kept eating them all. Just recently got them all gone so they are starting to flurish again. never again will I buy emerald crabs....

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nothing is really different in the 20 long. I have an inch of sugar size aragonite sand like all the rest. a eheim canister filter with the spray bar out take. on the left end of the tank, and a aqua clear 50 just todo the surface drain. all my other tanks have the same. the only difference in fish in that tank is two gobys for my two pistol shrimp. the tank are basically set up the same.. if anything the 20 long has less filteration because of its size. my fish are rather small to the most part. the gobys are maybe two inches long.... the live rock is about the same in each tank as well....maybe a little less because of the lesser depth. Because its a 20 long and not a tall tank. But I believe they are about the same. That's why this has thrown me for a loop

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