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First POTM of 2007


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OK' date=' So how do you make your image go from a little thumbnail to large image within the post?[/quote']


when you go to make a post, there's a mountain icon above your post edit. when you scroll over it, it shoudl say insert image. it'll ask for a URL - the most popular and easiest i find to use is photobucket.com which will resize pictures for you. hope this helps

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that's not how you do it. you click on the "post reply" button then click on the "paperclip" button in the toolbar and go from there.

Both options give the same script option. I'll try both


Mountain icon (insert image)



Paper Clip (insert link)....realized after has mountain with it.



After previewing, not the same. (using paper clip icon limits the file size of your pics you can upload from harddrive to this site unless using your own server)

paper clip only


Paper clip only with using from url (in advanced editing for posting). results=limits file size as well.


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