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Controllers and lighting?


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I'm still researching controllers and have since come across some German ones that apparently have dimming capability for T5 bulbs (you have to buy their "dimmable T5 bars").


How come this is available over there already, and not here?


The controller I'm looking at is the Profilux, but the website is only in German.

The controller itself is reasonably priced (in the range of the aquacontrollers) and the dimmable T5 (or T8) lights aren't outrageously priced either.


Are they just more technologically advanced in general, or what's holding things back in the US?

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Because T5 technology originated over there :) Yeah they have been using T5's for years. A lot of cool stuff comes over from Europe in the aquaria trade. Then we take it send it to China and copy it :) LOL. Just kidding. Later Ryan

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