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What happened... did the shrooms mate?


Just curious.


I have no idea if it's possible, but it sure looks like it! (laugh)


In my 20G I have blue and red schrooms next to each other. Now I'll have to watch out for morphs, but so far it's mostly red mushrooms taking over. I started with one and now have about 15. The blues are much slower to multiply.

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If you end up watching Lowman's Reef video, they talk about how when the seas are calm, the corals send out eggs and sperm all at once and do/can create new life forms by cross fertilization.

As a funny side note, the other day I thought my pink Caribbean star polyps sent eggs all over because I left a PH blasting on it for awhile....came in a few hours later, and little "eggs" were floating around and hundreds were all over the sand and perched on the rocks. I thought, awesome, looked just like the eggs in the video. (I moved this coral a week prior and it sent either sperm or poison around so I've seen smoke like stuff coming out of it before). Well, then I realized what an idiot I can be....it was a sealed bag of Purigen that I forgot I had rubber banded in my canister filter...the rubberband was because it had a hole in it when I bought it and it must have opened up.....(nutty)

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