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Candy Cane question!


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The candy cane I got from Miles a while back is doing great and is "dropping" baby "heads" here and there.

What do you do with them, so they don't get blown around by the pump or buried in the substrate?


Do they eventually develop a skeleton so they can be glued on to a rock?

I have several safely tucked away in a little hang-on breeder container and they are getting larger...

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No pics of it currently happening, but it looks like part of the candy cane is melting off.

Like dangling a piece of chewing gum until it drops, if you know what I mean! :D

A frag I got from Izzypop did something just like that, but was when I added some buffer and it upped my pH too quickly (not my idea...forgot to take their advice with a grain of sea salt). I compared it to still wet and stretchy latex paint spreading from the heads. It ended up leaving it bare except for the tip top. Tentacles still came out at night though. It's been a few weeks, but is slowly turning around and poofing up a bit. I've seen nothing drop, but will watch closely in the future.

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